Volunteers are the lifeline of any not-for-profit organization. HMDCB values its volunteers and encourages physicians working in the hospice setting to become involved in the organization. Volunteering provides professional development, networking and collaboration opportunities with other hospice physicians across the country. Volunteering with HMDCB can also count towards your Continous Learning points for the Continuing Certification Program (CCP). Click here to learn more. 


Public Member Position (Currently Open) 

The Public Member is an important part of HMDCB's Board of Directors. The Public Member role is designed for a non-physician, and open to those with a background in hospice, governance, nonprofit management, and/or the certification industry. The Public Member should have knowledge and understanding of the hospice industry, but not be directly involved with or employed by a hospice organization. To learn more about the role requirements and responsibilities, click here. To apply, complete the online application. If you have any questions about this position, contact Gina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

HMDCB Ambassadors

HMDCB Ambassadors will play an important role in the success of the organization. Ambassadors can be involved in several ways: share quotes and stories about the value of certification that will be used in marketing materials; represent the organization at state or national industry events; and volunteer as ad hoc reviewers of proposed changes to organizational policies or marketing collateral. This new opportunity is a way to make a big difference for HMDCB without a large time commitment. This position requires participation on an as needed basis. The Ambassador application will open Summer 2022. 

Item Writers

Item writers are subject matter experts with strong writing skills who represent the diverse field of hospice physicians. Item writers generate questions, or items, that appear on the certification examination. Training and orientation on writing effective items is provided by the testing company partnering with HMDCB to develop the examination. Item writers typically complete their work in the fall and early winter; they spend approxmiatley 5-7 hours developing items over a 3-4 week period. A brief virtual training is required for this position.

Exam Committee

The exam committee is composed of experienced subject matter experts representing the diverse field of hospice physicians. The exam committee is specifically responsible for oversight and performance of the certification examination. Their responsibilities include development of the initial assessment forms, recurring review of content relevancy, both item-level and examination-level performance data, and expertise with respect to establishing the cut score for the examination. This position requires travel for a two day meeting (occurs every other year). Additional virtual meetings occur on an annual basis (1.5-2 hours in length).

Materials for current HMDCB Exam Committee Members

*Item Writers and Exam committee members will be limited from serving as faculty or educators of programming or product development related to content areas of the certification examination.

"Taking the HMDCB exam is an extremely useful tool for assessing your HMD skill set and knowledge, which can help frame professional development. Being certified is desirable, when you consider the competitive environment within which many of us practice.”

Chief Medical Officer at Hospice Austin, Austin, TX