Continuing Certification Program


If you initially certified in 2017 or 2018, you are eligible to renew your HMDC credential in 2023. The application will open June 6, 2023. You can start entering your Continuous Learning Points early by folloing this guide. To confirm your recertification date, visit the My HMDCB Certification Center or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We encourage all certificants to check their email regularly for updates about renewal! 


Physicians have worked hard to earn their HMDCB certification and the HMDCB Board of Directors is invested in providing a flexible and relevant program to maintain your credentials. Certificants' initial certification is valid for 6 years; however, certification is intended to be only the beginning of a physician's process of continuing education and lifelong learning. For an overview of the Continuing Certification Program, click here.

At its fall 2016 meeting, the HMDCB Board of Directors came to consensus about the Continuing Certification program for HMDCB candidates. The final version is based on the feedback we received from the hospice community. 

There will be a transition phase during which those physicians certified in the first three years will have reduced requirements for this cycle.

Visit this page for updates. HMDCB will also keep certificants informed via email announcements.

We appreciate the hospice community’s high level of participation in this process and look forward to working together to ensure our community’s transition into the Continuing Certification program.

Background and Purpose

The goal of the Continuing Certification program is to encourage and reward certified hospice physicians for ongoing learning and development of knowledge in the practice of hospice medicine amidst ever-changing regulatory and administrative conditions. HMDCB's Continuing Certification program is both flexible and relevant to guide physicians in this ongoing education to help certificants keep pace with this rapidly evolving profession.

It is the intent of HMDCB's Board of Directors that the Continuing Certification program serve the following purposes:

  • assess competency, skill and judgement;
  • maintain the knowledge of the certificant during the certification period;
  • be flexible by offering various options to satisfy Continuing Certification requirements;
  • accurately reflect what occurs in practice.

HMDCB is closely monitoring the changes of medical specialty boards as they look to provide new and more flexible ways for physicians to demonstrate their continuing competence, including more frequent, shorter assessments. HMDCB will continue to study advancements and best practices of Continuing Certification programs. As additional information becomes available and resources allow, HMDCB will adapt its program while maintaining a high standard for the practice of hospice medicine.

Our Community's Perspective

In summer of 2016, respondents representing a range of physicians already certified (88%), those intending to seek certification (7%) and hospice administrators (5%), responded to our call for public comment and submitted feedback via the online survey. HMDCB Board of Directors carefully reviewed and considered all the comments when preparing the final version of the program.

Respondents had the opportunity to rate and provide suggestions on the clarity of each requirement and answer if they supported the requirement. Any respondent who did not support the requirement was asked for suggested modifications, and an optional comment section at the end of each requirement was available for respondents to provide additional feedback.

HMDCB is pleased that a clear majority of responses agreed that the requirements were clear and support the goal of ongoing learning and development of knowledge in the practice of hospice medicine - calling out the usefulness of a quality Professional Development Tool and the flexibility of the CME/professional development requirements. Several respondents requested additional clarification, and some expressed concern primarily on the validity of the computer-based reexamination.

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